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After a rough 2 weeks of Beta testing through Blizzards "finished" product and many days spent with characters lost in the Garrison nether, we have managed to bring the average ilvl of the entire raid group close to 643. With some even as high as 650! 

Thank the lord for low price BOE's on our server.

Heroic/Normal clears start this week and we are going in tuesday with all guns blazing. Should be great to experience the new bosses and push towards Mythic.

We are still recruiting the following classes to round out our raid team for Mythic progression:

1xHoly Pally
1xArms/Glad Stance Warrior
1x Warlock
1x WW Monk

Looking forward to some healthy server wide competition this tier with guilds such as One Shot, Cheap Tactics and Merely A Setback. Goodluck to everyone in the progression race and lets try to boost Thaurissan to one of the top Oceanic raiding servers.


Garry Dead and 14/14HM

HouseMD a posted Apr 3, 14

<Illumination> has completed 14/14HM and is now recruiting for WoD. We are accepting applicants applicants for WoD from the following classes.

Holy Paladin
Resto Shaman
Retribution Paladin
Fury Warrior
Balance Druid
Dps Deathknights
In true illumination style we have been too busy playing dota to update the site, however here are the latest kills to end out the tier.
After a bad week rosters wise we jumped back in to heroic ToT and killed not one but Two new heroic bosses, killing Durumu in 8 attempts and then finishing off Twin Consorts; putting us at 10/13 HM and maintaining our spot as top 10 man guild on the realm

In true Illumination fashion we didn't take screenshots of any of the kills so here is a muffin instead:

Check out some of our Kill Videos!!!

Heroic Megaera - Got Head?

Katurn a posted May 22, 13
After quite a few attempts getting quite close to killing this we finally managed to down the last head and magically find a chest in the middle of the platform, containing not one but two heroic necks... urgh thanks Megaera you had the last laugh in the end!

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